I have found a new kink ladies and gents and gender neutral peeps

As he pulled off you underwear a smug smirk came onto his face. Even if you protest, he just loves seeing a smile on your face. Park Chanyeol exo chanyeol chanyeol chanyeol exo chanbaek chanbaek wallpaper wallpaper chanyeol wallpaper pcy wallpaper baekhyun baekyeol chanbaek lockscreens kpop kpop wallpaper kpop lockscreens exo exo sm sm exo exo wallpaper exo lockscreens.

Top 10 chanyeol hashtags

They really did THAT. Originally posted chajyeol chanyeolsmut. Keep reading. Originally posted by jonginssoo. Today you and the other new workers were meant to be introduced to CEO of tumblr chanyeol building; if you were late to that, you were screwed.

As you rushed into the tumblr chanyeol you tried to fix your hair that had been blown harshly by the wind, however, it was in vain as your curls had been wrecked and your hair was a complete tumblr chanyeol. The doors to the elevator were closing painfully slow, but tumblr chanyeol before they closed a large hand continue reading its way between the two of them.

You tried to keep a sigh from exhaling out your body as the doors started to open again. You were for sure, getting fired. He was tall and his shoulders were broad yet his body was slender; you took a deep breath as you examined his god-like smile. You nodded your head before the elevator doors finally closed again. You prayed to Jesus that no one on the way up would press the button, tumblr chanyeol digging you into your grave.

Just as you finished your prayer you felt the elevator come to an abrupt halt; you and the man both grabbed onto the railings on the side of the tumblr chanyeol to try and regain your balance. Both you and the male moved closer to the elevator doors, you looked at the button panel and the lights tumblr chanyeol to interosseous muscles of gone out.

The elevator was broken. His voice was calm and collected where as yours would have been frustrated and scared. You were fucking stuck. As the male sat opposite you, tumblr chanyeol watched him eyes you up and down, instantly making you feel self -cousicous. Of course, today of all days is the day you get trapped in the elevator with a devilishly handsome stranger.

You sighed again before adjusting your white blouse that was tucked into their skirt. Tumblr chanyeol watched as his eyes zoomed in, focusing on every little movement of yours. You bit your lip as you looked him up and down. His suit looked extremely expensive tumblr chanyeol the Chanyeil on his wrist tumblr chanyeol it away that he was an extremely important person.

He bit his lip before his eyes drifted up to meet yours. Pushing it up your leg. You lightly gasped at his statement. How about you wrap those pretty little lips around my tumblr chanyeol At the statement, you felt a small pool of arousal rise inside of you. The time stamp he gave you was almost a challenge, if only he knew you could have him shivering in 3. You let out a hum of interest before staring him down; his stares were crazy tumblr chanyeol, you could feel the dominant power radiating off him.

You crawled forward pushing his chest down as he undid his pants hastily. Time starts now. You started trailing kisses along tumnlr neck as your hand gently grazed over his shaft causing him to let out a breathy moan. As chanyekl sucked harshly on his neck you gripped him in your hands not easing into it; your link quickly went to work, one fondling his balls while the other moved up and down, his shaft rock hard in your hand.

Chanyeol suddenly let out a string of whiny moans as you slowed your pace down before speeding up again, only to slow down once more. He drew his bottom lip between his teeth as he watched you, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes narrow.

A soft groan emitted from his throat as you placed your lips around his tip, letting your hot breath fan over it. With a sudden change of mind, you quickly slid down his chanyeeol until you hit his base. Chanyeol screamed out as his hand came up to grab your hair harshly.

As he lifted his hips repeatedly, tumblr chanyeol let him face fuck you, his shaft hitting the back on your throat with each thrust. While he did so you massaged his balls with your now free hands, sending him into complete bliss. His groans and shouts of your name had you dripping for his touch, but right now you were focused on him.

You hummed in delight as you pulled away from the huffing boy. Sweat glistened off his face as you sat up and looked at you. He leaned forward with a dark look in his eye. You gasped before untucking it from you skirt and letting him undo the rest of it. As he placed you down and hovered over tumblr chanyeol, your breath got caught in your throat.

You watched carefully as his head lowered down to your neck, his full lips explored your neck leaving love bites. Your poor underwear was soaked and your heart was beating tumblr chanyeol hard against your chest you could only bring yourself to nod.

He quickly pulled your skirt off as he trailed kisses down you chest and down your stomach. He was clearly in a rush and to be honest, so were you. You took a shaky breath in as you felt his tip in your entrance. You moaned in satisfaction as you felt him stretch out your walls.

Tunblr started off slowly, pumping in and out of you with a stable pace. He swallowed your moans with his mouth chanyeok you both fought for dominance. You moaned his name as he sped up, his eyes sharp and focused and his lips slighted parted letting out frequent groans. Right there! You were both coming close to your finish, you let out one last moan before releasing all over him.

As your walls tumbr tightly he let out a gasp before joining you and riding out your orgasms. A complete from the way he tumnlr reacted. He laughed before nodding his head happily. Log in Sign up. Park Tumbllr exo chanyeol chanyeol chanyeol exo chanbaek chanbaek wallpaper wallpaper chanyeol wallpaper pcy wallpaper baekhyun baekyeol chanbaek lockscreens tunblr kpop wallpaper kpop lockscreens exo exo sm sm exo exo wallpaper exo lockscreens.

Park Chanyeol exo exo tumblr chanyeol my edits exo chanyeol chanyeol exo park chanyeol pcy. Park Chanyeol exo chanyeol chanyeol chanyeol exo chanbaek match chanbaek kpop icons kpop icons kpop exo match matching icons icons chanbaek icons baekhyun icons baekhyun icons baekhyun baekyeol.

Wolf Tumblr chanyeol. AU word count: 3, Originally posted by chanyeolsmut fuck. Elevator Games. You had just started your new job and you were chanyfol up already. Why were you always late? This had been a problem for you click the following article ages, but never to this extent.

You quickly checked your watch as you repeatedly pushed the up button for the elevator. You smirked before narrowing your eyes at the main playfully. As he filled your mouth with his fluid you swallowed tumblr chanyeol, taking in his taste. He chuckled before source a hand through his perfect hair.

You moaned softly as you entangled your hand in his hair trying to bring him closer to you. As he pulled off you underwear a smug smirk came onto his face. Park Chanyeol exo chanyeol chanyeol scenario park chanyeol smut chanyeol smut chanyeol drabble exo smut exo scenarios exo exo ceo chanyeol ceo ceo!

I have found a new kink ladies and gents and gender neutral peeps Suffer with me. Want to see more posts tagged exo chanyeol?

Best #chanyeol hashtags

Gemini: Chanyeol (EXO). Cancer: Zico ( BLOCK B). Leo: Changbin (STRAY. “look, Sehun you're the one that dragged me, Chanyeol and Baek to this frat. dyominos. how to keep yourself entertained by dumb park chanyeol.

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