Kevin Durant Injury Update

Iguodala will be a free agent next summer, ahead of a would-be age season, if he doesn't retire. On the 25 possessions Sunday in which Leonard was guarded by Thompson, Leonard scored five points on 1-for-3 shooting. The depth of his skill set will be tested. Sports Writing Jobs.

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The dilemma: deciding whether it was a blip of misfortune or both unlucky and the end. At least initially, the focus will be on salvaging, or imminently rebooting, the Warriors dynasty. Even if it doesn't work, they have to try. Part of any unwanted ending is the attempt to avoid it—to see if Golden State faces a hiatus rather than the point of no return. Draymond Green's future looms over everything that comes next, now more than ever, regardless this web page what it might be.

He will be essential to the Warriors' survival if they hope to bide time until they're whole again, or if they injury report for golden state warriors next season to be something more than a gap year. A combination of injuries, free agency and punitive luxury taxes threatens to subvert the Warriors' big-picture reign. Kevin Durant will probably miss all of after undergoing surgery on a ruptured right Achilles tendon, according to ESPN.

Losing him for a year is Golden State's best-case scenario. He was billed as a goner all season and will still have suitors that offer him a nigella john diamond contract in injury report for golden state warriors agency if he, as expected, declines his player option, per ESPN's Ramona Injury report for golden state warriors. Klay Thompson is less of a flight risk—in that he isn't one.

Like Durant, though, his availability is in jeopardy. Thompson suffered a torn left ACL in the third quarter of Thursday's defeat. The most optimistic timetables will put him back in the lineup around February.

More cautious ones will have him on the sideline for an entire year:. Even if Warriors are able to keep Mcgahn mueller Thompson and Kevin Durant in free agency, it'll be a fight to reach playoffs in the Western Conference. Devastating turn of events.

Writing off the Warriors through at least next season feels fair. And they're going to be able to pay for it because they're going to move, sadly for Oakland, across the Bay injury report for golden state warriors a cash-cow arena, which is going to increase their team revenue by enough to pay for it.

This sounds enviable. Really, if the Warriors are hoping to recapture their matter-of-fact dominance, it's necessary. Durant and Thompson are both integral to their inevitability. But the intervening year will not be a cakewalk. Http:// is it guaranteed to be even a worthwhile slog.

All of a sudden, Golden State is that lean. Alfonzo McKinnie's non-guaranteed deal can be thrown in there too. Shaun Livingston's partially guaranteed pact cannot. Injury report for golden state warriors will "seriously consider" retirement, per The Undefeated's Marc J.

Count on Kevon Looney to come back. Golden State owns his Bird rights and, frankly, cannot injury report for golden state warriors to lose him. Assuming Livingston is done leaves the Warriors with eight players, only four of whom were rotation regulars during the regular season. Everybody's significance will increase by default no matter who Golden State adds via free agency. And Green will be under more additional strain than anyone.

Curry's offensive role injury report for golden state warriors only be extended so far. Green has the bandwidth to injury report for golden state warriors more on that end, and his defensive workload will invariably get tougher with no Durant or Thompson and with Iguodala set to enter his age season. That might not be the end of the world. Green can handle a greater playmaking share.

The Warriors are not a pick-and-roll-heavy team, but the Green-Curry two-man game remains difficult for defenses to guard, and head coach Steve Kerr now has every reason in the world to lean on it:. Dramatically upping the pick-and-roll volume isn't a magic elixir.

It not only represents a stark departure from how the Warriors play, but they also don't, as of now, have the supplementary talent to fully weaponize it. Defenses will smother Curry just as the Raptors did, and he lacks outlets. The Warriors are light on knockdown shooters, and Green, while terrifying on short rolls and downhill attacks, is injury report for golden state warriors as the No.

That's the crux of the problem that faces the Warriors. Green has so often been their second-most important player without always having to be their second-best player. He has the IQ and vision to do more on offense, but only within his specific wheelhouse.

Maybe he hits more threes, but don't bet on it. He's shooting 30 percent from downtown since his Those looks aren't getting any easier while playing beside Golden State's skeleton crew. It might not matter even if they did. He's burying just Even if he's downing jumpers, the burden of creation falls to someone else. He is not the guy to fire from the perimeter coming around screens or launch off the dribble.

He attempted just 29 pull-up jumpers this season, and his career efficiency on these looks doesn't suggest he should be taking more of them. The Warriors are not above milking mismatches in the post, but Green isn't the player they typically use to do it.

Durant and Livingston have long carried that crown, with a little bit of Thompson dappled in for good measure. When Green does work on the block, the results are not good. Only 5. This is not meant to imply that Green is a symptom of the Warriors' issues. He is part of their interim solution. He has to be. But his role is about to change. The attention he commands and workload he shoulders will increase.

The depth of his skill set will be tested. If he answers the call to additional arms with anything less than a career performance, Golden State will not be a postseason lock, much less a title contender.

And that assumes the Warriors don't confront his future one summer early. Their preference may be to keep the band together, but they're on the verge of paying more than one-third of a billion dollars for what projects as a sub-juggernaut. It doesn't matter that they can "afford" to take the hit. Actually bankrolling what amounts to a one-year stay outside the dynastic ranks is different.

Owner Joe Lacob may want to cut costs in some injury report for golden state warriors, which wouldn't bode well for Green one year out from free agency. As agent and marketer Nate Jones wrote on Twitter:. One thing I could read article happening is them dumping Draymond now. Same with Iguodala. If they know they will be bad and Klay won't be back tilthey might just cut their losses and move them and save money and try to get a top lottery pick and future assets from trades.

You could cut your losses and try to build up assets for a revamped run around Klay and Steph teacher the yoga possibly KD in Basically you flip them for flexibility before it's too late.

Retool around Steph and Klay and possibly KD for Going this route is both nuclear and feels unlikely. But standing pat, see more or without Durant, only makes total, inarguable sense if the Warriors believe they can get by for a year on the merits of who they have left. If they're instead bracing for disaster, or if they don't trust this nucleus will still be a favorite when everyone is healthy, the idea that they'd lean into a quasi-dissolution is hardly outlandish.

Iguodala will be a free agent next summer, ahead of a would-be age season, if he doesn't retire. Golden State's four superstars will all be on the wrong side of 30 by the time rolls around, at which time Durant age season and Thompson age season will have returned but won't necessarily be all the way back. It could be before the Warriors are, by the most literal standard, at full strength. They have to figure out what they'll look like in the meantime, and whether the cost is injury report for golden state warriors what they'd be fighting to preserve.

Running it back, with or without Durant, remains the overwhelmingly likely outcome. The Warriors are also not beyond short-circuiting their own design. They were already approaching a crossroads with Green, and this summer was always going to be about confronting ugly truths. These latest setbacks merely accelerate that reflection. Either way, Green is indispensable to anything they do—the player most tempting to trade, but близка nigel farage latest comments очень of two people in the organization, along with Curry, capable of granting the Warriors dynasty the continuance it isn't supposed to need.

Unless injury report for golden state warriors noted, stats courtesy of NBA. Adrian Wojnarowski wojespn Even if Warriors are able to keep Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant in free agency, it'll be a fight to reach playoffs in the Western Conference.

This NBA Offseason Was Already Going To Be Chaotic. Then Klay Tore His ACL.

Current Golden State Warriors Injuries - NBA Basketball Injuries - USA TODAY. Calf, Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant (calf) is expected to be able to . from the injury report and is healthy for Game 5 versus the Houston Rockets. OAKLAND, Calif. — The Golden State Warriors are hobbling through the N.B.A. finals. Calf strains. Hamstring pulls. Sprained ankles.

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