In an antagonistic muscles workout split, bodybuilding workouts are designed to train body parts for opposing muscle groups each day. This is. Agonist/antagonist training also ensures that you're doing enough work for both sides of the body so that you build and/or maintain muscular. Supersetting is an extremely effective workout style where you perform two exercises back to back with no rest. Discover what the antagonistic.

Work Opposing Muscle Groups In Each Bodybuilding Workout

Agonist and antagonist workout you know anything about your body and, if you exercise, then you agonist and antagonist workout know that the muscles in the body are arranged in a certain way for you to be able to do all the movements you do in a day. That is, your muscles are arranged in opposing pairs, at least in the torso, upper and lower body.

What that means is that, when one muscle is contracting, such as the chest muscle well, there is more than one, but you get the picturethat muscle is called the agonist. While the chest muscle is working, there's an opposing muscle which is, also known as the antagonist muscle. As you contract the chest, say during a chest pressyou're actually stretching the back.

Think of this as you stretch. If you lace your fingers together and stretch them forward as you round the back and you squeeze the chest, you'll feel a deep stretch in your upper back. That means that, while your agonist is working, your antagonist can't work.

This is called reciprocal innervation or reciprocal inhibition. Say that three agonist and antagonist workout fast. The reason you need to know this? Is because this is great information for putting together your own strength training workouts. There are go here of ways to train your muscles and one is by opposing muscle groups, or agonist followed by antagonist.

This is one of my favorite methods of strength training because you do each exercise, one after the other, without rest. That's a great timesaver, something that makes finding time to exercise easier. There are a number of options for how you can set up a workout with opposing muscle groups.

One option is to do an upper body opposing muscle group one day and a lower body opposing muscle group on different source. I really like to click opposing muscle group in a click here body workout because, without the rest periods, you get added intensity without overworking any one muscle group.

The workout moves quickly because you're always doing and an exercise rather than resting. Below is a sample total body workout with a focus on working agonists and antagonists. You can do this in a variety of ways:. Do each pair of exercises, one after the other, and repeat for sets.

You would rest about seconds between sets, shooting for about reps of each exercise. This is a circuit-style format that will keep your heart rate up and make the workout a bit more intense. You could do one circuit or up to 3, resting between circuits. This is probably my favorite because the workout really flies by and it's over before you know agonist and antagonist workout.

Focusing on your agonists and antagonist muscles is an excellent way to train your agonist and antagonist workout. You save time and you work all of your muscles so your body is balanced and strong. Try it whenever you need a change in your routine and you'll find your body works in a different way.

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Article Sources. American Council on Exercise. San Diego: American Council on Exercise, Continue Reading. Build Muscle and Strength with Supersets. How to Use Common Isolation Exercises. The Beginner's Guide to Getting Stronger. Pros and Cons of Split System Training. Weight Training Exercises and Agonist and antagonist workout Basics.

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Try the time-efficient antagonist superset workout made famous by Arnold the antagonistic muscle group is inhibited to allow for greater force in the agonist. Agonist/ Antagonist Workout Trav_80's shared workout. Agonist/ Antagonist Workout. Shared By: Trav_80 Frequency: 6 days / week. Day Type: Numerical. Agonist/antagonist training also ensures that you're doing enough work for both sides of the body so that you build and/or maintain muscular.

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