The most powerful American cars ever

GM limited A-body cars to cubic inch ( L) engines, but Pontiac chief engineer it the most powerful engine to come out of Detroit for almost four decades. However, the Detroit automakers offered numerous options, engines, trim levels and body styles on their most popular muscle car models. So, collectors are. It has a LT-1 engine, horsepower, and a six-speed transmission. Camaros and Corvettes truly prevail as the most ubiquitous fast muscle cars around. It is not the most powerful Camaro model ever, but gives them a real run for.

9.) Ford Falcon GTHO

Europeans like me can say whatever they want about cornering, but you have to love muscle cars. These ten have dual everything, plus the torque of a locomotive. Following the success of the L79 , the '68 and '69 Nova SS could be ordered with a hp small block and the heavy-duty M "Rock Crusher" four-speed manual. Death Proof material. From down under comes willkinton 's favorite muscle car:.

A homologation special built to win the Bathurst Engine was understated at bhp to satisfy insurance companies, but generally accepted to produce in the region of bhp. It was crazy enough that when they went to build the Phase III model, it was cancelled at the 11th hour due to the Supercar Scare. Suggested By: willkinton , Photo Credit: racin jason. This Buick wasn't built by Opel, nor for China!

Maybe that's why Green Pig starts with an ancient wisdom:. Suggested By: paradisian , Photo Credit: racin jason. The Hellcat of its time. Only lighter. Arch Duke Maxyenko, can't into :. The Scrambler says it can be done :. The engine offered in the Hurst built Hemi Barracuda and Hemi Dart were "rated" at horsepower.

You can take that number with a grain of salt for a couple of reasons. Even though this was a factory built race car, car makers were conservative with their numbers; on the street for insurance purposes and on the track for competitive advantage purposes. On the other hand, was a Gross rating at the flywheel , not the modern Net at the rear wheels. I don't know how much power these things actually made back in the day, but a modern, NHRA Super Stock legal Hemi in this application makes about The Thunderbolt was Ford's factory drag car in Street legal and nuts.

Who needs sway bars anyway :. The Ford Fairlane thunderbolt with the High Rise it officially produced hp, but like most muscle cars of the era, that number was listed much lower than actual for insurance reasons. If you knew a guy who knew a guy, you could get the fastest Ford in the galaxy.

Ghoulardi :. As we all know, this was an engine so powerful that Chrysler petitioned NASCAR to ban it because it would have made mincemeat out of their new Hemi. Ford rated it at ca. Actual dyno runs indicate it did even better than that. Tuner car or not, the Brabus Bullit is a C-Class that comes with a warranty, and a horsepower bi-turbo V The "street version" came with horsepower and a valet key that dutuned it to A Shelby is a Shelby.

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10.) Chevrolet Nova SS

The fastest muscle cars of today are safer and more powerful than Dodge Power and adrenaline: these are the two things most The retro T/A produces horsepower and pound-feet of torque from its liter V8 engine. However, the Detroit automakers offered numerous options, engines, trim levels and body styles on their most popular muscle car models. So, collectors are. No longer rumor, it's been established that 60s Muscle Car HP was What The Most Powerful Muscle Car Engines REALLY Produce.

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