John Cena’s 6-Week Workout Program to Build Strength and Size

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr is an American professional wrestler, actor, rapper, and TV I know how John Cena feuds tend to work. He loses one match, then . BONUS: Download the FREE John Cena Workout Routine PDF The diet that works for YOU is what we strive to find within The Academy. Over the past year, WWE fans have hardly seen John Cena compete in the company as he transitions into a part-time superstar. Gone now are.

Who Is John Cena?

John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. As a wrestler, he is currently signed to WWE. Cena was born and raised in West Newbury, Massachusetts. He moved to California in , where he pursued a career as a bodybuilder before transitioning into professional wrestling in when he debuted for Ultimate Pro Wrestling UPW. In WWE, Cena gained industry fame after adopting a persona of a trash-talking rapper, [10] [11] and won his first singles title, the United States Championship , in Following that, Cena's character transitioned into a " Superman -like" heroic figure, [12] and subsequently led the company as its franchise player [13] and public face for the next decade.

He has also won several championships in his career, being a five-time United States Champion , a four-time world tag team champion , and a WWE record sixteen-time world champion. Although he is considered to be one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time by his peers, [16] [17] Cena was regularly met with mixed critical and fan reception during his career, thus making him one of the most polarizing professional wrestlers ever.

Outside of wrestling, Cena has attained success as a musician, actor, and philanthropist. He has had leading film roles in The Marine , 12 Rounds , Trainwreck , Ferdinand , Blockers , and Bumblebee He then attended Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts. Once he was placed into an in-ring role, Cena began using a semi- robotic character known as The Prototype.

Cena wrestled again in a dark match at a SmackDown taping on March Through the early months of , Cena constantly found himself competing on house shows for the WWF, where he wrestled against the likes of Shelton Benjamin and Tommy Dreamer. Cena would appear in a one-off appearance for the developmental farm in November under the ring name Mr.

On the June 24 episode of Raw , Mr. McMahon ordered the entire roster to the ring and declared that he needed them to all find some ruthless aggression from within themselves and that he was looking for one of them to stand out from the rest of the pack. After declaring that he possessed "ruthless aggression", Cena lost by a pinning combination.

This is also when he started wearing hats and sports jerseys as a part of his ring gear. In a rematch between the two, Cena would once again defeat The Undertaker on the August 5 episode of SmackDown , this time with assistance from A-Train. After losing to Kurt Angle at No Mercy , [55] Cena became a fan favorite of which he's remained since when he joined Angle as a member of his team at Survivor Series , where Cena and Chris Benoit were the survivors.

In early , Cena participated in the Royal Rumble match at the Royal Rumble , making it to the final six before being eliminated by Big Show. He held the title for four months with successful defenses against the likes of Rene Dupree , Rob Van Dam and Booker T , until he was stripped of the title on the July 8 episode of SmackDown by Angle after he accidentally knocked him over, thus attacking an official.

Cena took part in the Royal Rumble match , making it to the final two along with Batista until both went over the top rope at the same time, ostensibly ending the match, which was restarted and won by Batista. Cena was drafted to the Raw brand on June 6, , taking his title with him and became the first wrestler selected in the annual draft lottery.

With Bischoff vowing to make Cena's stint on Raw difficult, he hand picked Jericho to take Cena's championship from him. Immediately after a bloodied Cena won, Edge made his way to the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank contract — a "guaranteed title match against the WWE Champion at a time and place of the owner's choosing".

Two quick spears allowed Edge to pin Cena and win the championship. Taking place in front of a boisterous crowd of mostly original ECW fans at the Hammerstein Ballroom , Cena was met with raucous jeering and chants of "Fuck you, Cena", "You can't wrestle", and "Same old shit". When he began performing different moves into the match, the fans began chanting "You still suck".

In July, Edge won the championship from Van Dam in a triple threat match that also involved Cena, re-igniting the feud between him and Cena from earlier in the year. The match had a stipulation that, had Cena lost, he would have left the Raw brand for SmackDown. On the heels of his feud with Edge, Cena was placed in an inter-brand angle to determine the "Champion of Champions" — or which was the most dominant champion in WWE's three brands.

After getting into a worked physical altercation with Federline on Raw , [ citation needed ] Federline appeared at Cyber Sunday to hit Cena with the World Heavyweight Championship during the match, helping King Booker retain his championship.

On the first Raw of the new year, Cena was pinned by Federline with an assist from Umaga, although later in the night he was able to get his hands on Federline performing an FU on him. The next night on Raw , Michaels turned on Cena, costing them the championship in the second of two team battles royals, by throwing Cena over the top rope and eliminating the team. The Hardys Matt and Jeff eventually won the match and the championship.

During a match with Mr. Kennedy on the October 1, , episode of Raw , Cena suffered a legitimate torn pectoral muscle while executing a hip toss. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham , Alabama. Andrews and Cena's physical trainer both said that he was several weeks ahead of where he was expected to be in his rehabilitation at that time. Cena made a surprise return as the final participant of the Royal Rumble match, winning the match, and the traditional WrestleMania title shot, by last eliminating Triple H.

On the August 4 episode of Raw , Cena became a World Tag Team Champion for a second time, teaming with Batista to defeat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase , [] but failed to retain the championship the following week against the former champions. Cena made his in-ring return at the November's Survivor Series pay-per-view event, defeating Chris Jericho to win his first World Heavyweight Championship.

Cena lost the championship back to Edge in a Last Man Standing match at Backlash after interference from Big Show, who chokeslammed Cena through a big spotlight. The next night, Cena competed in a tournament to crown the Superstar of the Year , defeating CM Punk in the first round and Orton in the finals later that night to win the honor.

He would get his rematch for the WWE Championship against Sheamus on the final Raw of , where he won by disqualification, but did not win the championship. At the Royal Rumble , Cena competed in the eponymous match and made it to the final two, where he was eliminated by the returning Edge.

McMahon immediately made him defend the title against Batista, who won the title. On the June 7 episode of Raw , Cena was suddenly thrust into a new storyline when during his main event match against CM Punk , he was attacked by all eight former contestants of the first season of NXT , with Wade Barrett as their leader. This group later referred to itself as The Nexus.

After Barrett defeated Cena, he joined The Nexus. On the December 27 episode of Raw , The Nexus, minus Barrett, announced they were under new management and offered to bury the hatchet with Cena, to which he refused.

The Nexus attacked Cena, leaving a Nexus armband in the ring during the process. As the group retreated, CM Punk, who had attacked Cena with a steel chair twice the week before, came to the ring to apparently attack Cena, but instead put on the armband left behind to symbolically announce his allegiance with The Nexus, becoming leader the following week by manipulating Barrett's banishment from the group.

On the February 21 episode of Raw , Cena replied in rap form to comments made by The Rock the previous week, as The Rock returned as the announced guest host of WrestleMania. However, their rematch clause was immediately invoked and they won the title back after The Miz attacked Cena.

Punk again defeated Cena at SummerSlam in a championship unification match. Despite exchanging insults in the following weeks, they defeated Miz and Truth, though Rock closed the show by giving Cena a Rock Bottom. Cena then began a feud with Kane, [] who cited his disgust for Cena's "Rise Above Hate" slogan and claimed that Cena would need to embrace the hate in order to defeat The Rock at WrestleMania.

However, Cena's call was answered instead by the returning Brock Lesnar , who then attacked Cena with an F After Elimination Chamber, Bray Wyatt accepted Cena's challenge for a WrestleMania match, [] Wyatt wanted to prove that Cena's heroic act was a facade characteristic of "this era of lies" while further wanting to turn Cena into a "monster". Thus as per the match stipulation, The Authority were stripped from power and only Cena could bring them back.

It was then announced that Cena would face Lesnar for the title at the Royal Rumble. Following the Royal Rumble, Cena began feuding with then United States Champion Rusev and at Fastlane , Rusev defeated Cena to retain his title after Cena passed out to his submission, the Accolade , after Rusev hit Cena with a low blow following a distraction from his manager Lana.

Cena defeated Rollins despite suffering a legitimate broken nose during the match. Cena defeated Rollins to win the title for the fifth time at Night of Champions , a record in the WWE ownership era of the title. Subsequently, a six-man tag team match was made between the two teams for Battleground. Cena proposed marriage to Bella after the match and she accepted.

Despite sparking rumors of his retirement after the match by endorsing Reigns, taking a bow, thanking the crowd, and waving goodbye to them before leaving, [] Cena returned to SmackDown the next month after Commissioner Shane McMahon named him the final member of Team SmackDown for the men's 5-on-5 elimination match against Team Raw at Survivor Series ; at the event, Cena was eliminated by Kurt Angle and Team SmackDown was later defeated.

From January until April , Cena was involved in a storyline where he was trying to find his "path to WrestleMania". After he lost the Royal Rumble [] and the namesake Elimination Chamber match to determine the next number one contender for the Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber , [] as well as a six-pack challenge at Fastlane for the WWE Championship, [] Cena issued a challenge to The Undertaker for a match at WrestleMania He reiterated his challenge over the next several weeks, only to receive no answer from Undertaker.

After the match he thanked the crowd for sticking by him during a tough period, referencing his loss to Undertaker at WrestleMania and his recent breakup with Nikki Bella. He then went on hiatus to focus on his acting and television career. Upon his return, he put out an open challenge to any 'Man' in the locker room with Becky Lynch answering the call.

This led to Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega interrupting the pair with a mixed tag team bout set up which Cena and Lynch would go on to win. After the match, Cena endorsed Lynch. Cena then appeared at WrestleMania 35 , but in his Doctor of Thuganomics persona and interrupted Elias' concert. During the segment, he insulted Elias with a rap, joked about turning heel, and performed his finisher on Elias, but called it by its original name, the F-U.

Cena's original gimmick portrayed that of a white rapper who wore jerseys, backwards hats, and a chain with a padlock around his neck, was known as the "Doctor of Thuganomics". First as "The Prototype" , and later under his real name, Cena sometimes used underhanded tactics to score victories, such as using his chain as a weapon behind the referee's back. Cena also regularly performed " rap battles ", where he and his opponent took turns rapping on each other.

Cena has reverted to this persona twice: during his feud with The Rock in , and again at WrestleMania 35 in during a confrontation with Elias. In , shortly after his first debut film, The Marine , his wrestling character was shifted from a rapper to that of a young military upstart, wearing dog tags and cargo shorts to the ring and also performing a salute to the crowd.

Cena stated in a interview with WWE. The moves typically go in the order as follows: flying shoulder block, sit-out hip toss, side-release spinout powerbomb, Five Knuckle Shuffle and Attitude Adjustment. On September 1, Cena executed the move, known as the "Lightning Fist", a high-impact left handed jab to the opponent.

Cena has portrayed a heroic character throughout his WWE career, with the exception of a villainous run in — Cena's signature ring gear includes jean shorts, sneakers, wristbands, and armbands. Cena also wears a variety of T-shirts and baseball caps, which commonly include one of his catchphrases such as "never give up", "you can't see me", "hustle, loyalty, respect" and "respect.

Earn it". Cena has a history of returning from actual and kayfabe injuries much sooner than expected. He's somewhere on the recovery scale between German platelet-rich plasma therapy and Deadpool. During his WWE career, Cena's attire has attempted to reflect the most current fashions and stylings within the hip hop culture that his character represents.

Cena started out wearing " throwback jerseys " until WWE produced specific Cena merchandise which he began wearing. Whenever it appeared on television the image was censored, not by the network, but by WWE to sell more shirts under the premise that it was "too hot for TV". Around the time The Marine was released, Cena began wearing attire more military related, including camouflage shorts, dog tags , a Marine soldier cap, and a WWE produced shirt with the legend "Chain Gang Assault Battalion".

Cena has been named as the greatest professional wrestler of all time by peers Kurt Angle [16] and John "Bradshaw" Layfield , as well as by veteran industry personality Paul Heyman.

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Is John Cena on his way to becoming the next Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Cena loves to work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and he. CHRIS JERICHO believes that John Cena and The Rock's work ethic is the reason why they have been so successful in Hollywood. John Felix Anthony Cena, better known as WWE superstar John Cena, was born on April 23, in West Newbury John Cena's Dream Job (TV Series).

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