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to the right place. support. Need help with your service? You've come to the right place. other phone. Hearing impaired customers call 13 36 77 in Australia . Idea is India's leading telecom service provider of Prepaid, Postpaid, VOLTE, & high speed 4G/3G Internet services & business enterprise solutions. Mercury's service, for example, is charged at 25p per minute at cheap rate and calls to Vodata premium rate services from a Vodafone handset cost 3 Op country Product ordering, charities, customer support Children in Need, Next.

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A new number was allocated with the line and then our existing number was disconnected without our permission. As directed by the installer I tried contacting your care team and after approx. When I explained to her the situation and that I wanted our number reactivated she said she could not help me and would transfer me to a colleague who could assist.

I then was left holding and forced to hear music and songs for a period of 35 minutes when I eventually ended the call. Note I had timed the call on my stop watch. Obviously this service is totally unacceptable. I ask that our number is activated and the number is cancelled.

If this is not done within the next 48 hours you leave us no option, but to cancel the Broadband and go to another provider. Joseph Farrelly. I was still charged for these additional months plus some additional costs? I really do hope this complaints procedure can resolve my overcharging. Please can you let me know what you intend to do about it, or if you need further information Kind Regards Mark Kane.

David Wentworth On Phone To Vodafone Ireland Service Hello, For a year or more, I have received letters from a collection firm in Dublin that have tried to collect on a debt from me that has never existed, with Vodafone. I notified them as such, and also talked to one of your representatives, many months ago which also confirmed that I have NO outstanding balances with you.

I have no idea what type of information Vodafone has generated to tell these people I owe an outstanding balance, but would appreciate any help you can offer. I have always paid on a direct debit, and have never been delinquent. I am tired of dealing with this issue. I am extremely worried as I did not realise phone was on roaming as I had received a message from Vodafone to say I would be charged 2.

I am so worried about this? I await your comments. Kind Regards, Sandra Collum Cox. I entered into a billpay contract, which was meant to be 40 a month, every month it has been way more, sometimes double. I cannot afford these bills every month. I have contact customer several times and tried to cap it, but again my last few bills were double.

I am really really struggling to pay these bills every month. Could you please help me to cap it and explain why it is always so expensive. I cannot afford to pay these bills. We rang Vodafone with this and the person who was to get back to us never did. If we do not hear from you the end of this week we will be filling a visa dispute form from our bank and also plan giving you some air time on joe duffy.

Micheal g. I gave the employee a fifty euro note and asked him for a twenty euro top up. He put my fifty euro in his pocket and prnited out the top up receipt. There was long pause and he then asked me if there was anything else? I said yes: my change, please. Oh, yes, he said, you gave me fifty euros, right? Yes, I said.

He opened the till and gave me thirty euros. I noted there is a camera in the store. This should record the incident. It was today, Sunday 14th of April. There is only one Vodaphine in Cavan town. The employee was male and had a beard. There was one other male employee in the store.

Thank you. I am calling from the United States regarding wireless and home phone. All the numbers I have called require that I enter a mobile number, and I do not have one. My number is All I get is very loud crackling. I tried to report this fault by telephone, but was unable to hear anything your agent said and suppose that she could not hear me either so I do not know whether my fault has been logged.

I was assured that my credit card would only be billed for the months service plus any taxes etc. You have continued to bill my credit card and I am trying to get you to stop. I returned to the US on Nov, 27 and didn't even need a full months service. Please reimburse me for all monies withdrawn from my account since then please and cancel this once in for all.

Should you need to speak to me in person, my US number is Many thanks in advance for you assistance. Lillian Nolan O'Keeffe. No technician called me yet under to make an appointment to install a phone socket in the house 44 Lissadel Drive. Please contact me a. Vodafone continue to bill me monthly. Would like to actually speak to a customer service rep. To get this resolved ASAP. Can not believe i have yet to hear back from vodafone and they still continue to charge my credit card for a service i am not getting here in the usa.

This is beyond a joke. David Prendergast On Phone To Vodafone Ireland Service I have asked a number of times for a call back and no one has called me back I have tried phoning Vodafone and not been able to talk to anyone. Sweeney Vodafone Mbl. I have not used the Vodafone mobile phone service card since 17th October as I told your customer services on 3rd November , when I gave notice of my ending of the contract with Vodafone Ireland for the above account.

I have not had the courtesy of any reply to my letters nor has my account been refunded. I write to seek acknowledgement of my correspondence, reimbursement of my bank account and confirmation that my account will not be debited again at the end of January. John F Sweeney, PhD.

My mobile number is and my name is Maurice Kiely. Please close this account numberw. Kind Regards Maurice Kiely. However, Mobitel Slovenia investigated the problem and say that the SMS never reached their message centre and suggested I ask you to verify what happened. This is not the first time this has happened and I would appreciate it if you could check to see where the error occurred.

Can you please advise me what is the best way to unlock the phone. I would very much appreciate a response. If we can resolve this issue I will consider moving to Vodafone when my contract is up for renewal in November. Very poor web site. What was the response after calling on specified numbers? To Write Click Here. If the contact information is incorrect, please let us know Here.

Vodafone Ireland Source of Knowledge www. Your Name. Email Address. Your Photo.

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Mobile number are giving permission for the Vodafone group companies to store the details you have provided in order to contact you regarding your enquiry . Vodafone Enterprise - Contact Centre. Deal with customer queries by email, phone, website or social media in one easy-to-manage system. Integrated with your. Contact Vodafone for customer care and technical support. Our team are standing by to help you with questions about your mobile services and the best plan for.

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