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MASTERCHEF fans were fuming after they saw Bondi Icebergs head chef rattle the shows final four Jenny Little (@litjenny) July 25, RELATED: All the MasterChef Australia contestants on Instagram Another contestant that cooked for her family as a teenager, Jenny. Eliminated from MasterChef, Jenny Lam is now working at Perth's top restaurant.


In a three-round chicken challenge at Maggie Beer's who else? Barossa Valley eatery, six contestants battled it out jenny masterchef 2018 fight for their place in the MasterChef jenny masterchef 2018. Jess, Jenny and Jenny masterchef 2018 found themselves in the final cook-off, having just 20 minutes to recreate a tasty dish featuring the remaining parts of their respective chickens.

Unfortunately, with a grilled chicken salad that missed the mark, it was Http:// time to bid adieu to the MasterChef kitchen. The experience has link as much a jenny masterchef 2018 curve as it has one of personal development for the year-old, and she's already got exciting cookbook plans well in the works.

Below, she shares her future plans, finding herself on the show and more. Jenny: You know what? Even though I went home, I felt like it was my best day in jenny masterchef 2018 kitchen. By the time it got to the third round, it was pretty stressful, but I was really happy with my first round cook and at that point in the competition, you can definitely start to see the improvement.

I could feel it, anyway, from the team jenny masterchef 2018 to my first immunity, it was off the back of Gordon week and having the dish of the day with my dumplings as well. So yeah, it was a shame that it took me a while to get used to the kitchen and feeling comfortable making food that I like, rather than food to impress.

And no one knows this, jenny masterchef 2018 Huda, Jess and myself all roomed together in the house, so for that reason as well, it was nice. I wouldn't have wanted to be in an elimination with anybody else. We had some really nice click in between that weren't shown on TV, too. PS: Jenny masterchef 2018 must've jenny masterchef 2018 been hard, knowing that you were losing someone from the group?

Http:// It was, we were actually the longest standing room without an elimination! That was 10 weeks in, and we were the jenny masterchef 2018 room that hadn't had anybody go home. But it was a great day, and I got to cook three times, which is what we're there for at the end of the day.

PS: You mentioned that it took you a while to find you feet. What was holding you back? Jenny: You go into this mode of wanting to impress and go beyond your ability. It's jenny masterchef 2018 your ability doesn't quite match your imagination just yet, and rather than cooking food that you know and you love, you start thinking that that's too simple for the competition and don't cook it.

That's what happened to me anyway. If I looked around at jenny masterchef 2018 the people who did really well, it was dishes that they'd make at home or had done a million times before, or they just loved it. So rather than doing things I'd only made jenny masterchef 2018 or twice before, like that sponge cake for example, I thought of that memory and went, let's make a cake, but how many cakes had I made in comparison to Vietnamese home meals?

I should've just done what I'd done for years cooking for the jenny masterchef 2018. My mum was watching and went, jenny masterchef 2018 did you do that? Jenny: Yes and no. I completely understand the judges' feedback. Was it my best dish? The chicken was cooked really well, jenny masterchef 2018 I just didn't think about things like how long the dish would be sitting there, the salad being under-seasoned.

When I tasted the separate components of the dish, they were alright, but I hadn't tasted it altogether. It's a competition and the slightest things can send you home. PS: You've been in a few eliminations and immunity challenges. Did that help you along the way?

Jenny: see more. Every single time you're in the kitchen, irrespective of what you're there jenny masterchef 2018, it's a learning curve. You pick up new skills, techniques, you learn things about yourself. I remember with Darren Purchese's Peach Melba, it was my first time making a sugar cake, the first time making tuille.

I had even been practicing ice creams in the house, so it was so nice to know that my ice cream was the best ice cream. You even learn through that kind of validation that you are getting better and picking up new skills. PS: What did you set out to achieve in MasterChef and do you think you got there?

Jenny: I did, and I think that's why for me, with the elimination, even though I was sad to go home, I felt like my purpose in the MasterChef kitchen was achieved. It would have been a bonus and lovely to stay longer, but I had achieved what I'd set out to do, which was to get inspired by food, be surrounded by an environment that would help me see what my next years would be about. Being there just made it really apparent to me that I want to open up a cooking school, I want to write a cookbook and make sure that all the Vietnamese home cooking Jenny masterchef 2018 learnt over the years hasn't been lost and will live on.

I'm excited to share all I know about food, because it brings me so much joy. And if it brings me that much joy, I'm sure I can share it with other people and bring the same to them. Jenny: Lots! In between a lot of our car rides, I would always utilise that time. I remember doing a finance budget with Jess, I did focus groups with the group, like what things do you like about cookbooks and what don't you like?

I was bringing in all my marketing skills and sometimes on the bus, the guys would be like, I don't even know where to start, I'd tell them what I would do with drawing up a business plan. If I had an idea, this was how I'd make it come to fruition. We'd exchange food ideas, as well as business and marketing too. Jenny: I feel guilty saying this, because Gordon Ramsay is like my all time favourite, he's my idol, and I was so happy when he was yelling at me!

She was so warm and everything and more that you see on TV. She took the time out to actually speak to us in between takes, and shared her experiences with us as well as her food knowledge. She's an incredible human being, not just a cook. Jenny: I think the easiest part was the friendships that were formed and making friends in the house. We all got along really well.

The hardest thing was the decision making around what dishes to make. There were just so many choices and such a short period of time to make a decision about what were going to cook. There were a lot of jenny masterchef 2018 where I'd go home and be like, why didn't you make this or that, it would've been a much better outcome.

Jenny: When I went on the show, I was in a bit of a jenny masterchef 2018 place. I just ended a seven-year relationship and needed to find myself again and remind jenny masterchef 2018 of what made Jenny happy, the essence of Jenny. When you're with someone for so long, you become such jenny masterchef 2018 paired identity.

Being on the show and not having any responsibilities, contact with the outside world or the day to day things think about — mortgage, the company, the business — it just freed my mind to be more creative and do things for me.

I jenny masterchef 2018 the biggest self-development I had was that when you're at your happiest, you function at your best, and that's when everything works out. When you're happy, you're more productive.

Don't impress anybody, just be happy and be yourself. Jenny: My cookbook is click to see more out in March next year. We already started writing and doing photography for the front jenny masterchef 2018, which is exciting!

The book is called Eat Like a Viet and read more jenny masterchef 2018 lighthearted, and being Vietnamese-Australian, there are so many cultural things that a lot of my friends and relatives my age don't know, because they grew up in Australia. So the introduction to the book is going to be kind of funny and share things like, for example, if you get invited to dinner, you never tap chopsticks at the table because the superstition is you're going to become poor, or eat before the elders give you permission.

Just cute things like that, as well as what you'll need cooking as a Vietnamese chef, like a cleaver, all these cool nuances that you wouldn't know unless you're Vietnamese. There will be 90 recipes and it'll be all about easy, authentic, Vietnamese home cooking.

For now, those are my two main projects, and the jenny masterchef 2018 goal is to open up a cooking school and restaurant in Swan Valley. Image Source: Network Ten. Join the conversation. From Our Partners. Want more? Customize Select the topics that interest you:.

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Jenny Lam MasterChef Elimination Interview. Jenny's Advice For Finding Your Feet on MasterChef? Cook What You Know! Author picture. Jenny Lam. 1K likes. #MasterChefAU contestant Thank you to the beautiful special class of MasterChef for sharing this incredible journey with me. Published: EDT, | Updated: EDT, But MasterChef Australia contestant Jenny Lam suffered from some personal turmoil .

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